Theresa entered the world of Irish dancing at age 13 and soared through competition to Open Championship in only 2.5 years! She competed at regional and national championships in the US. Her daughter, Aundrea, has been Irish dancing since age 2 1/2, and the mother-daughter duo enjoy practicing together. Fusion Fighters has given them the opportunity to perform together, which is a dream come true for Theresa.

Theresa made a fiery debut with Fusion Fighters in November 2020 with a unique combination of Irish dance and fire performance! She has been performing ‘dragon-staff’ and perfecting her skills for about 4 years and has yet to encounter another artist who spins fire while Irish dancing!

For employment, Theresa is part of the team at Prime Dress Designs, Irish dance costumes, where her boss is also her sister! Her job and passion for dance allow her to remain immersed in the Irish dance world, including traveling to vend at various Oireachtas and national championships across North America.
IG: @theresa.fueled.nutrition

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