Calling All Dancers/Musicians/Singers & Entertainers

The Amazon Rainforest – An ecosystem on which the whole world depends – Is on FIRE..
There has been a Record-breaking 80,000 fires & Over 10,000 firefighters working on putting out the fires, yet we see hardly any mainstream media coverage telling us the severity of the situation. Very disturbingly experts say deforestation and a practice called slash-and-burn are to blame for most of the flames. Even more worrying is there are also severe Canadian & Siberia wildfires happening simultaneously..
We want you to create and contribute your talent towards raising awareness for the Amazon & Worldwide Fires, what’s behind them, how we can help and the devastating effects it could have on our planet..
We are calling for all Artists in our community to record themselves performing to this one universal track. Credit to Brian McGrane Music – 
Download Link:
Our aim for ‘The Amazon Artists’ is to create an initial compilation video that unites artists worldwide. We want this to become a viral trend so more awareness is spread and more action is taken! Together we are stronger and can make a difference, remember this is something that affects all of us!
Video Requirements: (Record as much or as little as you can, we will edit together the best parts).
1: Using Trees/ Forest/ Nature as your background. 
2: To listen to the track in your ears so to produce only your sound in the video and to wear ‘White Top Half’ and Black (Bottom Half) to represent our combined efforts. 
3: Record in HD using a video camera or smartphone, if filming on a smartphone please film in horizontal (sideways so full screen). The higher quality the camera settings are the better. Filming in multiple angles/ using stabilizers is also encouraged but not essential. If filming a still shot please use a tripod or rest and the camera is focused. 
4: Recording the sound separately is encouraged but not essential when possible for best audio results. 
5: Dancers filming in percussive shoes should find wooden flooring to hear the beats clearly
6: We are looking to make the initial compilation video as soon as possible so please send your entries in as soon as you can. We will be posting a deadline date on our pages shortly.
We want this campaign to reach artists worldwide of all industries so please pass this email on to all your connections and share the campaign on your social media platforms.
Artists please send your videos to – If needed use file sharing download links please use (Dropbox, Sync, Google Drive, We Transfer etc).
Upload your individual videos as well to your social media pages and stories using the hashtags #TheAmazonArtists #PrayforAmazonia#FusionFighters #MitchellMusic
This campaign is brought to you by Fusion Fighters & Mitchell Music
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Remember – The Amazon Rainforest among others is our lungs in which over 20% of our planet’s oxygen is produced.. One in 10 of all the species in the world – live in the Amazon. Not to mention the thousands of fires happening elsewhere on the planet, this is a global problem..
By uniting together we CAN and WILL make a difference!
Music: Brian McGrane Music

Photo: @Alex.kuharenko

Logo: Design by Renata Karataeva