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Mitchell Drum Bongo


The Mitchell Drum Light; is our newest addition to the Mitchell Drum range. Weighing less than 1kg and only 30cm x 23cm x 7cm the Mitchell Drum Light (MDL)  is our smallest version yet.

Although smaller than our standard model the MDL still packs a sonic punch.
Made from the highest quality birch and walnut material our newest drum projects a loud consistent sound.

The Mitchell Drum Light is a woody sounding drum that comprises of multiple clear distinctive notes.

Along the bottom half of the drum you will find a low to medium bass with an attractive earthy feel,
moving to the top half of the drum you are met with a bright energetic tone that resonates freely and
finally playing the outer corners of the drum you will engage a highly distinctive slap with a beautiful bite.

The multitude of sounds available from the MDL will keep the most earnest musician fulfilled while its simplicity enables the MDL to be the perfect first instrument to those who are ready to begin their musical journey.

Every MDL come complete with a waist strap that allows the musician to wear the MDL on their hip and play while standing up and moving around.

The freedom of movement provided by our waist strap helps assist the musician in feeling the music better in turn allowing their contribution to be more organic and natural.

Finding the beat with your feet and then allowing it to pass through your body and out your hands will make learning the MDL that much easier, as well as more fun.

Dancing along to your favourite song while providing rhythmic overtones with the MDL is a fun and easy way to begin your musical journey in its most basic and simple form.

The waist strap serves a second purpose allowing you to play the MDL comfortably while sitting down. Wrap the strap under your legs then reduce so the MDL is sitting freely on your lap without movement.

When you get tired from dancing around this enables  you to relax on your favourite couch, still playing along with your family and friends while not having to worry about the MDL moving or falling, giving you the freedom to focus on providing great backing beats.

The MDL is very responsive to your touch so you can play as loud or as soft as you like depending on how you feel and the situation.

The Mitchell Drum Light is a perfect instrument for all lovers of music, from the young to the young at heart and a great addition to our musical family.

I would even go a step further a say the MDL is the perfect family instrument, where parents and children can have fun playing together and learning a musical instrument.
Whether creating your own music or playing along to your favourite songs. This family activity can become a fun and interactive part of your daily routine and what better way than through a collective love of music.



Our New Mitchell Drum model is our lightest and most portable version.

The Mitchell Drum Light is a tonal drum with clear distinctive woody tones.

Discover for yourself our low sombre bass paired with a resonating middle finished
off with a bright slap tone the Mitchell Drum travel has a range of sounds to excite and stimulate.

Extremely light weight and portable the Mitchell Drum travel fits easily in your back pack so you
can bring it with you where ever you go. Never miss an opportunity to play along with your friends
or to act when inspiration strikes with our new drums.


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