Mitchell Dance Platform – Portable Sprung Dance Floor

Hard shoe dancers are Percussive Musicians who until now where without a Musical Instrument.
Whether Irish Dance, Tap Dance , Flamenco these dancers use precise rhythms and techniques with their feet to create magical sounds that can leave an audience spellbound. What is the best way to practice and showcase such talent? From those beginning their percussive dance journey to the professionals and everybody in between it all starts with the right Musical Instrument. That is a Mitchell Dance Platform.

  • Practice Better – Perform Better
  • Non – Slip surface Protection with Polyurethane Finish
  • Highest quality Sustainable Natural Baltic Birch Ply construction
  • Self-levelling rubber pad system for safety and confidence your Platform will not move while you dance
  • Protects Ankles – Knees – Hips – Back with the Best Shock Absorbing Sprung Floor Technology
  • Open a world of high quality tones with our unique acoustic system.
  • Hear every step clearly and cleanly to assist your progression while you practice. Never miss a beat.
  • Includes a padded shoulder strap for added Portability and comfort.

The Mitchell Dance Platform was created by master carpenter Lorcan Mitchell to help his Irish Dancing friends who perform on the street of Galway city, Ireland. One particular friend hurt her ankle after repetitive dancing on the hard surface and asked Lorcan for his help. A carpenter with over 15 years’ experience she knew Lorcan had the expertise to make a portable dance floor to protect her from injury.

After years of building commercial and residential structures as well as constructing sprung floors in dance studios and gymnasiums, Lorcan knew exactly what type of practice floor his friend needed.
He used his knowledge of Sprung Floors with the correct timber to create a prototype for his friend to test. She was blown away with her new Portable Sprung Floor.

A street performer was the perfect test for this new musical instrument for hard shoe dancers as it would be used for hours every single day. This allowed Lorcan with the help of other Irish Dancers to perfect this new idea and create the BEST Portable Sprung Floor available.

Different sprung floor techniques where tested until the one that gave the most natural bounce and helped reduce fatigue was found. This reduction in fatigue allowed the dancers to perform longer without feeling pain in their ankles – knees – hips – back.

Multiple types of timber were used until he settled for Baltic Birch Ply. The same material used by drum manufactures.  This insured the platform was incredibly durable had amazing acoustics and added to the shock absorption of the sprung floor technology.

The size chosen was to give dancers a full range of movement with the feel of dance studio that could fit in the back of an average car.

Each new addition was vigorously tested by multiple Champion Irish Dancers until they agreed that it was the right choice to make.

The result was the Mitchell Dance Platform. A musical instrument created with the intention to reduce injuries and let percussive dancers shine.

Since its creation in 2018 the Mitchell Dance Platform has been used by dancers in over 32 countries worldwide in ways including:

  • Warm up area at Irish Dance Feiseanna
  • A practice area at home whether in the bedroom – kitchen – living room (no need to worry about damaging your mother’s timber floor or hurting yourself on the kitchen tiles, and no need to be sent to the garage to practice)
  • By buskers and street performers
  • Video makers in parks and other beautiful areas
  • Social Media influencers
  • TV performances
  • Live shows
  • Dance studios by teachers
  • Community Events
  • School Performances