Foldable Dance Platform




The Foldable Dance Platform by Mitchell dance:

  • Is Lightweight & Durable 
  • Folds In Half For Extra Portability & Comfort
  • Has A Larger Surface Allowing More Freedom
  • Is Ideal For Both Practice & Performance
  • Has Great Acoustics For A Professional Sound 
  • Helps You Hear Your Rhythms Clearly
  • Can Be Used Anywhere (Bedroom, Kitchen, Garage ETC), Without Damaging Your Floor Or Risking Injury.
  • Is Perfect For Practicing Outside Of Your Studio Or Classes/  Creating Dance Content For Your Social Media Pages
  • Is Suitable For All Percussive Dance Styles (Irish, Sean Nos, Tap, Flamenco).

Platform Dimensions:

  • 82cm x 100cm
     8lb (weight)
  • 9mm birch plywood Dance surface
  • Material handle and shoulder strap
  • 15mm Industrial rubber non slip floor pads
  • Heavy duty non slip industrial floor paint



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