Electric Portable Sprung Floor


The Mitchell Dance Platforms were created in 2017 by ‘Mitchell Music’, a musical instrument manufacturing company from Ballinasloe, Co Galway. Mitchell Music have been in operation since 2013 with their signature instrument ‘The Mitchell Drum’.

For the past few years Mitchell Music have been developing their AMPLIFIED dance platform by using local Irish dancers for feedback and quality assurance. It was then more recently introduced to many dancers across the country including Fusion Fighters Performance Crew at the Fleadh Cheoil in 2018 Drogheda.

These unique platforms are not only made from the highest quality materials but they are stylish and can be custom designed in a range of sizes and styles.

The Amplified Mitchell Dance Platform has a portable sprung floor with a built in Pickup (Microphone). The sprung floor means the platform has a natural bounce which gives the dancers more comfort and protection while dancing. This has been proven to help reduce injuries and prolong dancers careers significantly.

The built in Pickup is unlike anything available worldwide today. The Pickup enables the dancer to plug the Platform into any speaker or PA and fully amplify the dancers steps. This enables dancers steps to be heard loudly while performing at any live show, for example; Weddings, Corporate Events or even Busking. Dancers are also using them to increase the quality of their social media posts and professional dance projects.

The platform has great acoustics and gives dancers and teachers an unrivaled sound while practicing steps or teaching classes! Our initial ambassadors and influencers have given us fantastic feedback on the durability and quality of the range of platforms we have on offer. Fusion Fighters are using Mitchell Platforms at all of our Performance Workshops & Camps, SYNERGY 19, as well as at all our live performances & events this summer.

The platform requires just a single 1/4 Inch Jack Cord.

Practice Anywhere – Perform Everywhere

Improve you steps with clearer clicks


I LOVE the Mitchell Dance Platform. They sound amazing. 


I really enjoy practicing using my Mitchell Dance Platform. I can practice for hours and my legs dont get sore.