Have you always dreamed about learning a musical Instrument

5 reasons why the Mitchell Drum might be the instrument for you!!

Music is an art that in some way, we all appreciate. We all enjoy listening to music. Taking it further, participating in the creation of music is a process that boosts creativity, and can bring a sense of satisfaction, self-realization, and wholeness.

We have all heard how beneficial it can be to learn to play a musical instrument, but many of us don’t even consider trying. Our culture has us believe that learning music is hard, requires many years of practice, and that only a few talented ones are meant for it. That there is no point in starting from scratch at any age. That it cannot be simple and accessible.

Why learn the Mitchell Drum?

Indeed, playing an instrument might seem challenging, and this intimidates and discourages many from ever starting. Perhaps you have tried to learn a few chords on the guitar and quit after a few days. Maybe you’d like to play piano but don’t have the access to this instrument. Playing the drumkit is a dream of yours, but it seems extremely hard and costly.

This is where we believe that the Mitchell Drum can contribute: this instrument was conceived as a appliance to allow every person to participate in the musical process because it makes playing music intuitive and accessible.

So, if you are still doubting, here are five reasons to pick up the Mitchell Drum:

1.The Mitchell Drum is for Everyone

It is a fact that drumming is a universal language. It really does not matter where you are from, what age you are, your gender race, or musical background. You have the ability to innately enjoy percussion straight away.

The Mitchell Drum was designed with this idea in mind: no prerequisites should be needed to be able to join a music session. Its responsive design allows for intuition and ease to lead the creative process.

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2.The Mitchell Drum enhances Self-awareness:

As Dr. Northrup suggests, the sound of a drum generates new neuronal connections in all parts of the brain. This is beneficial because the more connections created within the brain, the more integrated our experiences become.

In other words, when you play the Mitchell Drum, you synchronise left and right hemispheres, which gives you access to your whole brain. When this happens, your intuition becomes stronger, and your awareness of yourself deepens.

3. The Mitchell Drum can help ease anxiety and depression:

Drumming is known for its grounding qualities. It puts us in direct sync with Earth’s rhythms, which we disconnect from when we are stressed or depressed.

Drumming causes the brain to release endorphins and enkephalins, which promote feelings of happiness. It can also help to get into the alpha wave state, which induces feelings of peace and calm and is the same state we can get to through meditation.

As an example, a study published in PLoS saw depression and anxiety decreased by 38% and 20% respectively in participants after ten weeks of drumming.

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4. The Mitchell Drum Boosts Immunity

Our Immune System is responsible for fighting infections and invasive organisms in our bodies. Dr. Barry Bittman of Yamaha Music & Wellness Institute, has shown that group drumming in particular increases natural T-cells, which help the body fight cancer, AIDs, and many other viruses. This leads us to the next benefit.

5. Playing the Mitchell Drum can create a sense of interconnectedness

Joining a jamming session or a drum circle can provide participants with an opportunity to feel connected with others. It can help gain a sense of interpersonal support while connecting deeper to oneself. As humans, we are social beings by nature, and we need to develop quality connections to feel safe and happy. In a society where family and community bonds are increasingly fragmenting, group drumming can pose a remedy to alleviate and dissipate feelings of isolation.

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These are only a few examples of what incorporating a drumming practice can do for you. There are many other benefits from this activity that we have not included here, but which you can experience for yourself if you choose to try.

So… What are you waiting for? Gift yourself a Mitchell Drum, and start having fun and ripping the benefits straight away!!



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