Your Dance Floor, Your Rules: Embrace Freedom with Mitchell Dance – Portable Sprung Floor’s

Mitchell Dance Platform
Mitchell Dance Floor
Mitchell Dance Floor
Mitchell Dance Floor

Discover the Precision – Mobility and Power of Mitchell Dance Floor’s

Introducing the Ultimate Portable Sprung Dance Floor:
Where Sound Meets Precision for Practice and Performance!

 Meticulously designed to blend the artistry of sound with the finesse of dance,
this versatile flooring solution offers exceptional sound resonance, durability, and the ultimate convenience.

Sprung Floor Technology:
Superior shock absorption that helps reduces dancers injuries and eliminates fatigue.

Sound-Enhancing Acoustics:
Rich tones to help you hear you steps clearly and cleanly every time

Premier Performance Surface:
Say goodbye to slips and falls. Execute intricate moves with confidence. 

Built to Last:
Crafted from high-quality materials to withstand the demands of continuous practice and performance.

A Product of Ireland:
Designed and manufactured by master craftsmen in the west of Ireland.

Order your Mitchell Sprung Dance Floor today and step into a world where your artistry truly shines.

Hear What Our Customers Say: 

My daughter loves her Mitchell Dance Floor and with the added acoustics the sound is amazing!!!
The greatest benefit from a dancer and parent point of view is the sprung floor.
The fatigue and pains after long days of performances is significantly less.
My daughter doesn’t want to leave home without it!

Linda Amaniera

My daughter loves her Mitchell Dance Floor.
She practices on it every day.
I found Mitchell Dance a pleasure to work with”

Linda Moran

The Mitchell Dance Floor’s are absolutely amazing!!
They sound incredible and feel so good to dance on!!

They are light to carry so are very easily transported.
Would definitely recommend ✅😊

Blanaid O’Neill
Irish Dancer


They are absolutely perfect for any performance.
The sound is crisp and they are so easy to carry around.
Ideal for busking and practising.

Stephen McGuinness
Cairde Dancer

“The sound is amazing, they’re so light weight, easy to carry,
the perfect size and they’re completely none slip.

What’s even better is that you can plug them into an amp
to pick up the sound of trebles for live performances or shows”.

Laoise Dunne
Irish Dancer

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