The Mitchell Drum is the original and first musical instrument designed and created by carpenter, musician and artist Lorcan Mitchell.
A new addition to the percussion family of instruments the Mitchell Drum was designed with the intention to connect people through a collective
love of music.
Simplicity was the focus when designing the Mitchell Drum resulting in an instrument that is easy to play and fun to use.

Weighing just over 1kg and with dimensions 35cm x 29cm x 8cm the Mitchell Drum is not only light weight but very compact.
Do not let the size of the MD size fool you. Constructed with the highest quality birch and walnut material ensuring
this drum projects rather than absorbs the sound resulting in a little drum with a big kick.

Committed to achieving the best sound possible in such a small space the range of tones created are dynamic and full bodied.

The most distinctive tone in the Mitchell Drum is that of a really tight receptive snare. 
The gentlest tap of a finger on the playing surface brings the drum to life with a beautiful crisp clear snare free from rattle or distortion.
The responsive action of the MD allows the musician to play hard or soft without losing control.

Towards the middle of the drum you will find a medium bass tone with a deep woody feel. 
This earthy dimension gives sublime interaction between notes with delightful qualities that are enriching and playful.

At the top corners of the MD you are met with a bright expressive slap tone that engages and excites.
Full of tonal flavour and colour that induces a separation to the high snare and creates a beautiful contrast between notes.

A unique and distinctive feature of the Mitchell Drum is the option to wear the drum around your waist and move around freely while playing.

Using the waist strap provided and securing the MD to your hip you can play standing up and moving around without risk losing control.

This allows for more interaction and musical communication while opening up many creative possibilities.

The waist strap serves a second purpose allowing you to play the MD comfortably while sitting down.
Wrap the strap under your legs then reduce its size to insure the MD is sitting on your lap without movement.
You can now play along with your family or friends and provide a beautiful rhythmic section.

The Mitchell Drum provides all lovers of music the perfect percussion instrument to accompany them where ever they go.
Being light weight and compact makes the MD easier to bring around with you without feeling burdened.

From community drumming to team building from music teachers to music therapists,
from skaters to surfers from drummers to dancers from carers to social workers the MD can be there to.

The Mitchell Drum provides a musical outlet regardless of time or place, situation or location,
from the musical beginner to the professional and all those on their musical journey in-between.   

The Mitchell Drum is perfect for all lovers of music who want to play and have fun.