My name is Daniel Donnelly and I have been dancing for nearly 14 years. I first danced with Fusion Fighters back in 2017 at the 2nd Annual Fusion Dance Fest in Limerick. I am honored to have now danced with Fusion across the UK & Ireland and taken part in 3 Fusion Dance Festivals. Since Fusion Fighters have joined up with Mitchell Platforms, our shows and corporate events have been brought to a whole new level with clear sounding trebles and a great non-slip surface.

My favorite event by far was the Irish Post Awards in the Grosvenor Hotel on Park Lane. It was a great performance and combined with the Mitchell Platforms made it very memorable. I would like to thank Lorcan on his new platform he has created and I am also looking forward to joining Fusion Fighters on their next chapter.

IG: @daniel_donnelly2002

Discount Code ‘daniel10‘ (Can be used at both Fusion Fighters Store and Mitchell Dance)