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Irish Dance Floor’s

Irish Dance Floor's : Choosing the Best Dance Floor for Optimal Performance Irish dancing is a mesmerizing and culturally rich form of dance that has captivated audiences around the world for centuries. Known for its intricate footwork, lively music, and distinctive costumes, Irish dancing requires a special kind of floor to truly shine. In [...]

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What is a sprung floor? Part 1

Listen to Article What is the Mitchell dance Platform? The Mitchell Dance Platform is a sprung dance floor that naturally amplifies your steps and protects your legs at the same time. What is a sprung floor? The protection of your legs is done by the sprung floor technology I have used in [...]

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Mitchell begin Irish Dancer Scholarship at the Mid-Atlantic Region Oireachtas

On November 25th – 26th – 27th Mitchell Dance Platform as part of musical instrument design and manufacture Mitchell music will begin a new chapter and commence our Irish Dancer Scholarship programme. This programme is something I (Lorcan Mitchell – Founder & CEO of Mitchell Music) have thought about for a number of years. [...]

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Have you always dreamed about learning a musical Instrument?

Have you always dreamed about learning a musical Instrument 5 reasons why the Mitchell Drum might be the instrument for you!! Music is an art that in some way, we all appreciate. We all enjoy listening to music. Taking it further, participating in the creation of music is a process that boosts creativity, and [...]

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Irish culture has the power to change the world

Barbara from Emerald Dancers using her Mitchell Dance Platform Saint Patrick's day is an amazing opportunity for the global Irish community to actively demonstrate and highlight the best of Irish culture, including traditional Irish music and Irish dancing. In this vein, every year Irish dancers from all over the globe treat their local [...]

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The World’s First Amplified Dance Floor

Distinctive new Irish instrument for Dancers to Practice and perform The creation of The World’s First Amplified Dance Floor a unique Irish hand crafted Dance instrument is giving music and dance lovers of any age and ability the opportunity to share in one of Ireland’s richest musical traditions. Young Galway entrepreneur and Mitchell Music [...]

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