“It Sounds like no other board I have used before.
Its so easy to transport and I can hear my steps clearly.
I love it”

Mary Papa George 
Tik Tok Star

My daughter loves her Mitchell.
She practices on it every day. 

I found Mitchell Dance a pleasure to work with”

Linda Moran 

“The Mitchell Platform is definitely the best board to dance,
I love using it because of its a sprung platform which is a dancers dream. 

Ethan Sean 
Cairde Dance Group 

Dance Ambassador

Morgan Bullock
Beyoncé & Adidas

River Dance Star and Mitchell Dance ambassador Morgan Bullock  collaboration with Beyoncé and Adidas as part of the Drip 2 Ivy Park x Adidas Collection.

Mitchell Dance Platform Collection

Mitchell Dance Platform: 

The Electric , The Acoustic or The Foldable suit all hard shoe dance styles include Irish Dance, Tap, Flamenco.
Our sprung floor technology means that our platforms have a natural bounce which gives the dancers more comfort and protection while dancing.
With an acoustic design to hear your rhythms clearly and cleanly. 
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About us

The Founder

Mitchell Dance Platforms were designed and created by master craftsman Lorcan Mitchell.
Lorcan’s vision is to provide dancers with a musical instrument of there own which enables them to share the power of dance with the world.

A Product of Ireland - Mitchell music.ie

All our musical instruments are
Designed and Manufactured
by hand in our workshop
in County Galway, Ireland.

Our Products 

Mitchell Drum

The Mitchell Drum

The Mitchell Drum provides a rhythmic musical outlet regardless of situation or location,
from the beginner to the professional and all those on their musical journey in-between.

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