Is a Mitchell Dance Platform For You?

    1.  If you want to practice your steps like a pro.
    2. If you have an important recital or championship and you do not want to risk dancing on a solid unyielding floor with no natural bounce.
    3. If you have a major competition coming up and need to drill down on specific steps outside of class.
    4. If you have a performance at a venue where you worry the dance surface will not be adequate.
    5. If you are dancing in your local school or community and you want to be confident that you will heard clearly and audibly.
    6. If you want to busk or provide street entertainment in your town or city during festivals, like St Patricks Day or the Fleadh Cheoil.
    7. If you want to record high quality videos with your friends, demonstrating the new steps you have learnt and share them on your social media pages.
    8. If you have a live performance gig or event so you can plug the Platform into a Speaker, Amplifier or PA system.
    9. You can be confident that the audience will hear your steps and appreciate your art.
    10. If you are teaching a group and you want to make sure the students can hear your steps clearly and concisely.
    11. If you are in college or University and have no where to Practice.
    12. If you are not allowed practice at home because you will damage the floor.
    13. If you are recording steps for an album or backing tracking, the platform can be plugged directly into the mixing desk.
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