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Morgan Elizabeth Bullock
+ Adidas Ivy Park

Gardiner Brothers + Ciaran Plummer at Thomond Park Limerick

iDance Duo – Winter Wonderland

Mitchell Dance

The MD-1 Pro and the MD-1 Acoustic are the best sprung dance floors for all hard shoe dance styles include Irish Dance, Tap, and Flamenco.

Our sprung floor technology means that our wooden dance floors have a natural bounce which gives the dancers more comfort and protection while dancing. With, an acoustic design to hear your rhythms clearly and cleanly.


Mitchell Drum

The Mitchell Drum provides a rhythmic musical outlet regardless of situation or location.

From the beginner to the professional. And all those on their musical journey in-between.


our story

As a carpenter by trade, founder Lorcan Mitchell began his musical instrument manufacturing journey in the Philippines in 2014, where founded a music school.

He began designing and manufacturing percussion instruments which ultimately led to the creation of the Mitchell Drum and the Mitchell Dance Platform.

All our musical instruments and floors are designed and manufactured by hand in our workshop in County Galway, Ireland.

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